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Studio X10sions

Audio & Digital Media Sevices


Audio recordings for demo's and full albums.
Professional quality at affordable prices.
Audio restoration and soundtrack editing for film & TV.

Full package deals for artists include website creation, photography & artwork.

Private lessons are available one on one. Contact the studio for more information.

Studio Albums - Now on SALE!


1. Three Shades of Grey - Andre Bleeker

2. Company of Strangers - Spencer & Van Luit

3. Absence of Coincidence - Shaun Spencer

4. The Road From Here - Shaun Spencer


Activities & Production

  • Recordings
  • Instrument selections
  • Songwriting
  • Arrangements
  • Extra musicians (Hire & Fees)
  • Mixing & Post editing
  • Mastering & Revision
  • Final Product

Read more about the sessions!

General Information : Sevices | Albums now on Sale | Activities & Production

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